My Stallion

My STALLION offers an easy to use on line shipping solution. Our on line app allows you to not only order your shopping without having to use the phone, but also allows you to track it via your workstation.

STALLION EXPRESS has invested enormously in IT, using its own resources as well as its own systems.

This could only have been realised through our detailed knowledge of the express courier sector based on the experience we have acquired through years in the transportation industry.

After having attentively listened to the desires and requests of our clients, we developed our own MY STALLION app, in order to allow you to send and track your packages more conveniently.

Connecting to My Stallion

To send your deliveries on line, you need to sign up via MY STALLION application.

Access your account

Your user account gives your access to our order system and keeps your data secure.

Several accounts can be requested for the same company using a login and password.

Send online

Simply click and you’re order goes through.


Fast, flexible and easy to complete (more client files in the memory), online price calculation.

View online

Entering into the world of STALLION must be as quick as a single click!

  • You’ve forgotten the address of a supplier? Enter the STALLION order no.
  • You want to know the price of a journey made yesterday to Namur? Enter the date.
  • You’ve forgotten to encode the client reference no? Enter their name.

Print online

Print your statement, sorted by Order No., by Date or by Réf.Follow your orders in real time,

Track your orders in real time

Enter your order number, and you get all the information on your delivery in real time (name, time, date).