Stallion Business

Single or multi-package shipping service in Belgium, Europe and throughout the world.

Occasionally, your package may simply be delivered tomorrow. Thanks to our STALLION BUSINESS delivery service, we are able to deliver your letter or merchandise in less than 24 hours almost everywhere in the world.

Collection: every day between 08:00 and 14:00, with delivery the next working day

Stallion Priority

Collection of your parcels today and delivery tomorrow before noon, thanks to our STALLION PRIORITY service.

0 – 10 kg < 0,11 m³35,00 €45,00 €On demandOn demand
11-20 kg47,00 €57,00 €On demandOn demand
21 – 30 kg59,00 €67,00 €On demandOn demand
31 – 40 kg66,00 €74,00 €On demandOn demand
41-50 kg79,00 €89,00 €On demandOn demand
51- 5000 kgOn demandOn demandOn demandOn demand

Up to 75 kg and 0.25m³ per delivery address and can be handled by one person alone.
Max 7 parcels per address – the longest side = 150 cm.

Stallion Standard

With STALLION STANDARD we also guarantee fast delivery, the following day before 18:00

For both services, Stallion and its partners transport the letters and packages in its fleet of cars, estate cars, vans, or plans whatever the number and size of the packages. We ensure next day delivery for many countries around the world.

0 – 10 kg < 0,11 m³15,00 €31,00 €On demandOn demand
11 -20 kg21,00 €42,00 €On demandOn demand
21 – 30 kg37,00 €56,00 €On demandOn demand
31 – 40 kg48,00 €62,00 €On demandOn demand
41-50 kg59,00 €75,00 €On demandOn demand
51 -5000 kgOn demandOn demandOn demandOn demand


The rate to be applied depends on the total actual weight or the total dimensional weight of all parcels
The higher of the two weights is applied.

Formula for dimensional weight calculation:
Length – Width – Height in cm / 6000